Auditel, Awarded Associate Partner Status with NQA, Global Certification Body

NQA, who have over 30 years’ experience in global certification delivering certification in over 90 countries, have awarded Auditel the prestigious title of Associate Partner status as part of their Associate Partner Programme (APP).

The partnership follows on from Auditel’s Carbon Solution specialists leading the way in helping clients to gain PAS2060:2014, the only globally recognised specification for claims of Carbon Neutrality.

Robert Allison, Carbon Solutions Director for Auditel said’ “We are delighted to have been added to NQA’s APP. It is a real testament to the hard work and quality of work delivered by our teams of carbon & emission specialists.” With an increasing backlash in the media for any organisation making unsubstantiated environmental claims, the verification to specifications such as PAS 2060:2014 becomes ever more important.

Auditel – The Cost, Procurement & Carbon Solutions Company

Nick Wright, Managing Director for NQA said, “I am very pleased to welcome Auditel on to our Associate Partner Programme. At NQA, we recognise that many organisations understand the need to take their environmental responsibilities more seriously, yet many do not know where to start. Consultants such as Auditel play an important role in helping businesses on their journey toward carbon neutrality, and we are pleased to see that we are aligned in recognising the value of third party verification and the credibility that comes with it.”

Allison adds, “With all the different self- certified or unverified standards that are being created and flooded into the marketplace by different commercial operations or NGOs, it is great to be able to provide clients with help to gain a formally verified claim of Carbon Neutrality.

For us its quite simple, for a claim of Carbon Neutrality to stand up, it needs to be verified by suitably qualified third party, not by the company themselves or the consultancy who did the work. NQA are one of a limited number who can provide this impartial verification, as such we are delighted to be working more closely with them as they verify the Carbon Measurement and decarbonisation work we do for our clients.”

“Consultants such as Auditel play an important role in helping businesses on their journey toward carbon neutrality.” Nick Wright, Managing Director for NQA

To learn more about Carbon Neutrality, in partnership with the West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce, please join us for a live webinar on 15th June, 11am: How To Make Your Business Carbon Neutral – It Need Not Cost The Earth!

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