What is policy and representation?

We want businesses to thrive in the local and national economy. However, sometimes, there are events that happen and decisions that are made that are out of business control, which may have serious impact on business activity.

While we are a non-government institution and cannot pass legislation ourselves, we can lobby and influence those who do. Our dedicated Policy and Representation team are experts in policy development and are here to speak to you about issues that are impacting you and your business. They each represent a geographical area but work together to identify common issues and unique opportunities for business in the region. From your feedback, we provide recommendations to national government and scrutinise local authority activity.

We also communicate with businesses about future changes that may impact them and we demonstrate how we have used their voice to influence the direction of the work of the Chamber of Commerce and make a positive difference across the local economy.

What groups represent me?

The team manages a network of policy groups designed to focus on key elements of the region's economy. Though we have listed some of the main groups, these can change based on key economic priorities.

Regional based groups:

The Leadership Group brings key stakeholders from our three main areas to discuss the economy and decide the policy direction of the Chamber of Commerce. The President and Vice President for each region lead this group.
The Property and Economy forums examine local matters such as planning, economic policy, connectivity and attractiveness for inward investment.
Hospitality forum - we are the only Chamber to have a hospitality forum. Currently based in the North Yorkshire region, its purpose is to give this sector a voice as it deals with unprecedented challenges as a result of the cost of living crisis and ongoing impact from the pandemic.

How do I get involved?

Contribute to the business community, the representation team are here to listen and amplify your voice.

Local Skills Improvement Plan

Bridge the skills gap in the region, develop a plan for the future