Bradford Property & Economic Forum

The aim of the Bradford Property and Economic Forum is to contribute positively and effectively to the future growth and development of the Bradford Metropolitan District. We do this through hosting regular events and steering group meetings, which involve networking, information sharing and discussion on property and economic initiatives.

The Forum works closely with the Bradford City Council to provide a sector input to achieving this vision for Bradford. It also provides a sounding board for public sector infrastructure proposals and other major schemes brought forward in the city.

Steering Group Members

  1. Matt Rudman, Vectos/BPF Chair
  2. Jennifer Winyard, Barratt & David Wilson Homes Yorkshire West
  3. Chris Eaton, Bradford Council
  4. Stephen McManus, Chartback
  5. Clive Brook, Clive Brook Planning
  6. Paul Young, Gordons LLP
  7. Graeme Scott, Incommunities Group
  8. Catherine Riley, Kirkgate Centre
  9. Linda Hollings, Rance Booth Smith Architects
  10. Simon Mydlowski, Clarion
  11. Justin Robinson, Hayfield Robinson
  12. Yaseen Mohammed, Y Property
  13. Richard Merrills, Watson Batty
  14. Danny Malik, Premier Housing
  15. Marcus Rathbone, Rex Procter & Partners
  16. Angela Blake, Bradford Council
  17. Fatima Mejbil, Faum Architecture
  18. Steve Gilley, University of Bradford
  19. John Linnell, Mott MacDonald
  20. David Coe, Barratt Homes
  21. Richard Hollinson, Bradford Council
  22. Helen Randerson, Gleeson Homes
  23. Simon Dew, Muse Places
  24. Arshad Hussain, Ove Arup & Partners Ltd
  25. Daniel Starkey, Spawforths Associates

Will Evans-Jones, West and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce

Sub Groups

  • Planning
  • City Centre
  • Transport

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