Chamber calls for no rail strikes this Christmas

York & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce’s Hospitality Forum has called upon railway unions and politicians to ensure that no industrial action takes place over the Christmas period.

Workers with both the RMT and ASLEF unions have been engaged in strike action for more than a year following disputes regarding pay and conditions, with the latest round of industrial action only just having concluded.

While the Forum does not intend to comment on the reasons behind the industrial action, it is urging all parties to do whatever they can to ensure that the crucial festive period is not disrupted by more strikes.

With the hospitality sector having endured so much in recent years, from forced closures to soaring overheads, the resultant decline in footfall brought about by strikes is hugely damaging to businesses, many of whom are looking to Christmas for a much-needed upswing in trade.

Andrew Pericleous, chair of the Hospitality Forum, said: “Every time rail strikes take place it costs businesses in York and North Yorkshire thousands of pounds in lost trade.

“With Christmas a traditional period of enhanced activity, we are calling upon both the Government and Trade Unions to protect small businesses which are the lifeblood of our towns and cities and ensure no industrial action is planned for this December.”

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