Chamber welcomes diversity in political leadership

West and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce’s BAME Business Committee extends its heartiest congratulations to Humza Yousaf on his election as the new leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP).

Mr Yousaf’s election is a landmark moment which sees the first Muslim elected to lead a western democracy and we are proud to celebrate this achievement. It also means that in Scotland both the SNP and Labour are now run by followers of the Islamic faith, a huge step forward for Britain’s Muslim community. With Rishi Sunak Britain’s Prime Minister and Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, representation for Britain’s south Asian community is at an all-time high.

Nasreen Karim, chair of the Chamber’s BAME committee, said: “We believe Humza Yousaf’s election sends a strong message to the business community about the importance of diversity, inclusivity, and representation in leadership positions.

“As a committee dedicated to promoting diversity in business, we recognize the critical role that diverse leadership plays in driving innovation, growth, and competitiveness. We believe that businesses thrive when they embrace diversity, and we are committed to supporting organizations that prioritise inclusivity and equity.

“We wish Mr. Yousaf all the best in his new role as SNP leader and look forward to working with him and his team to create a more inclusive, diverse, and prosperous Scotland for all.”

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