Ventilator supply chain call-out

The Government Commercial Function (GCF) needs help to build a resource pool to provide a rapid response to critical COVID-19 requirements, most urgently to deliver 30,000 new ventilators. Those with experience of working within the sectors below are asked to email with details.

  1. Medical device company or supplier
  2. Pharmaceutical company or a supplier
  3. Sub-contractors to those above
  4. Manufacturers of air compressors, sheet metal, pipes, valves, couplings, flow sensors, power supplies, industrial automation/testing.

The Government wants to reach as wide a commercial group as possible. Critical Components Designs are still being developed but it is likely that solutions will draw on some of the following generic categories of component, so manufacturers / suppliers with the follow capabilities would be of interest: Category

  • Air Compressors / Pumps (e.g. piston, diaphragm, solenoid)
  • Bellows
  • Self-inflating bags (e.g. Ambu bags)
  • Gas mixing valves (for oxygen/air mixing)
  • Pressure Regulators (Oxygen rated)
  • Flow Control valves
  • Solenoid valves (e.g. 3/2 Medically rated switching valves)
  • Pressure relief valves (for a range of pressures, inc. 150 and 350 mmH2O)
  • Check valves/one-way valves (e.g. duckbill, umbrella)
  • Industrial Automation components (Safety Relays, PLCs)
  • Power Supplies (Medical Grade)
  • Electric Motors, and motor controllers
  • Linear actuators and controllers
  • Tubing and fittings
  • Pressure Sensors and Indicators
  • Oxygen Sensors and Indicators
  • Flow Sensors and Indicators
  • Manometers
  • Heat and moisture exchanging filters [HMEFs] (If needed for humidification and heating of inspiratory gas)
  • Air Filter, HEPA Filters (If we need to filter COVID-19 out of exhaled gas and clean incoming air / as mix)

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