Delivery support officer, Micaela Boarotto

Micaela Boarotto

Italian Mica joined WNY Chamber in 2019, initially working in Trade procedures at the International Department and then moving to the Business Services department, where she is currently managing the EEN and the Konfer platforms, or “dating app for businesses’ as she likes to refer to them.

The EEN platform is a free service that helps our clients to find commercial and technological partners overseas all around the world-with a focus on Europe based businesses. EEN stands for Enterprise Europe Network and it is a service that has been around since 2008 and currently offers more than 5000 opportunities in its database.

Konfer works pretty much the same way as EEN, and has the same goals, the main difference is that it is a platform designed to encourage collaborations with universities, for example to implement a new technology collaboratively.

Micaela’s role is to help clients to find the best commercial and technological partners overseas, and implement their growth strategy through global opportunities.

In her free time Mica enjoys reading, walking, exploring new places and learning new languages.