Bradford Forster Square Station – new platform update

On Wednesday the 20th of March, Network Rail provided an online community drop-in with their project team in relation to the new platform coming to Bradford Forster Square Station. This is a significant investment in the region and Bradford City that will positively impact passenger growth and the local economy.

Along with the effects to passenger experience and local economy, this £28 million committed fund project supports the Department for Transports commitment to extending the London King Cross and Leeds to Bradford Forster Square routes.

The objective is to provide Forster Square with a new platform. This will be known as Platform 0 (zero). The new Platform 0 (zero) will have a new roof canopy, passenger furniture, information screens, CCTV and lighting. Land purchase/acquisition East of Platform 1 will take place to enable the creation of the New Platform and help with the diversion of existing utility company services.

The work promises to increase timetable and passenger capacity by improving connectivity and renewed demand for long distance journeys. Something that will be in heavy demand due to BD25 City of Culture. Another priority is the enhancement of passenger experience at Forster Square along with supporting low emissions rail travel, passenger and economic growth in Bradford.

Completion of the design side of the project will end in September 2024. Due to 2025 being a monumental year for the region, Network Rail have a target of completing all the main construction work by January 2025. Contract completion on any smaller areas of improvement has a deadline of May 2025. The first phase of physical onsite work will start in March 2024 with main construction work happening at the end of June 2024.

Most of the work will happen from Monday – Friday – 8.00am – 17.00hrs. Due to some necessary and unavoidable work, there are ten weekends where Network Rail will be working. Ranging from late June to the end of October. Reducing the impact of Bradford’s local community is a key aim and certain measures will be in place to achieve this. These include staff being briefed with regards to noise and light pollution, machines being turned off when on idle and radio communication to be prioritised to reduce onsite noise.

Granted the proposed work may cause a few headaches along the way, the project, along with so many across the City Centre can positivity impact the mobility of its residents but improve the region’s economy. A new platform will make it easier for people to get in and out of Bradford and make Bradford City of Culture 2025 more accessible. For more information, please contact Network Rail. 

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