Chamber Events

The West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce organise a series of events throughout the year to encourage businesses that we represent to connect with one another. Offering a wide range of events such as Netwalking, Annual Dinners, Executive Lunches, Property & Economic Forums as well as many more; our ambition is to bring the business community together with the hope of strengthening relationships and creating new opportunities across our region. Each event offers a great chance to mingle with others and benefit from our extensive network.

Bitesize Boardroom

Supporter members (including any others who may be interested) are invited to take part in our Bitesize Boardroom events to gain valuable insight as to what the Chamber of Commerce can do for businesses across our region. These online events showcase case studies from guest panelists and speakers who will openly share their business experiences, detailing how they have overcome specific challenges in the workplace or explaining more about working with the Chamber and how that has benefitted their company. Attendees can pose questions to our panelists for further guidance and information.

Property Forums

Enhance your knowledge of key development activities taking place across the region. These events are designed to inform & educate members on topical subjects in the property, regeneration, development, infrastructure and built environment sector. Each meeting provides lobbying and representation opportunities, allowing business representatives to direct the Chamber’s response to relevant policy areas and influence regional economic decisions.

Executive Lunch

Exclusive to Patron & Executive members, these lunches bring together senior business professionals and key figures from across our region. Enjoy some delicious food whilst listening to our insightful guest speakers – with plenty of opportunities to chat with others and strengthen relationships.


A simple yet effective way of networking in a more casual environment, where guests get to enjoy the outdoors and connect over some light refreshments. Netwalking is a relaxed way for individuals to break up their day and get out of the office, whilst connecting with others from across the region.


A yearly summary of what the Chamber of Commerce have been involved in, with the opportunity to take part in appointing directors of our three representative groups during the meeting – Bradford, Leeds, York & North Yorkshire – as well as the West & North Yorkshire board. The Annual General Meeting is a great opportunity to review what has occurred in the past twelve months, whilst taking part in key appointments within our organisation.

Annual Dinner

A relaxed approach to typical black-tie events, our Annual Dinners are arguably the biggest events that we run throughout the year. Offering an evening packed with food, drinks, and entertainment for guests to enjoy, the chosen setting for each Annual Dinner gives representatives the chance to network in beautiful surroundings. Held in Bradford, Leeds and York each year, these dinners prove to be a great way of connecting all those who we represent, whilst showcasing the impact that the Chamber has across our region.

Business Lunch

These well attended lunches attract professionals from a wide range of sectors and business sizes. Offering a great opportunity to network with others over lunch, you will also get the chance to hear from high profile speakers on the challenges, opportunities and successes in business. Senior executives can offer insight into managing a large business within the region and you will be able to ask questions and learn from their experience. The location changes each time too, providing a variety of venues and surroundings across Bradford, Leeds, York and beyond.