Oscrete UK announces new NPD and sustainability manager

Bradford-based concrete admixture manufacturer Oscrete UK continues its growth trajectory with the appointment of a new NPD and sustainability manager.

Former laboratory manager Matthew Gabriel, has been promoted to the new role as the team further develops the company’s sustainability strategy.

With a clear focus on strengthening the firm’s commitment to sustainable construction, Matt’s two decades of concrete industry experience provides a strong foundation for further developing the company’s sustainability remit.

Matt says: “With the environment at the forefront of everyone’s minds and customers looking to increase their use of supplementary cementitious material, my priority is to develop products and processes which support our customers’ own route towards low carbon concrete.

“Our role as an additive manufacturer is crucial in helping reduce concrete’s CO2 footprint while finding cost effective, green solutions without impacting performance is key to the future of the construction sector. We are now looking to develop products that can help our customers to use or increase the use of products with a lower eCO2, hence the creation of a role dedicated entirely to this arena.”

Oscrete, based on Rutland Street in Bradford, is one of the UK’s leading specialist construction chemical suppliers, manufacturing a comprehensive range of concrete admixtures for the pre-cast and ready-mix market.

Director Scott Wilson added: “We expect to see continued growth in global demand for construction additives and that demand will be driven by sustainability requirements as well as performance.

“Our strategy is to keep product evolution and responsible manufacturing at the forefront of our output. Matt’s promotion is just the first step in our 2022 laboratory development plan where NPD and sustainability will lead our growth and our supply.”

Matt joined Oscrete in 2017 as laboratory manager following more than 10 years with Tarmac and Breeden. He added: “This an exciting and an important time as we accelerate our development of new admixtures to help the transition to carbon neutrality. I’m really looking forward to getting my teeth into a role which will help customers – and Oscrete – meet their sustainability goals.”

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