Raising the Bar Awards

Our Raising the Bar initiative was originally designed to promote the positive social, environmental and educational impact of businesses across our region.

This prestigious awards ceremony enables businesses and employees from Yorkshire to be recognised for their hard work and efforts put into improving our local areas and region as a whole. Being one of the highlights of the region’s business calendar, the Raising the Bar Awards celebrate the achievements businesses have made in four key areas: Community, Economy, Education and Environment. These awards exist to encourage businesses to think consciously about the impact they are having on their community and the environment. Our focus is to help develop, implement and sustain social impact programs in our regional area.

The West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce aims to bring our members together, to partner up and go above and beyond to serve the community that we operate in. Whether this is done through fundraising, donations or employee volunteering opportunities, we want to hear how your business is making a positive change to our society. Make sure to put yourselves in the limelight by attending this popular event and showcasing such stories!