The Chamber connects your business with others


Our network spans businesses from all across Yorkshire, with a large directory of members varied in size, the chain extends to our national and regional Chamber partners, as well as education and public sector institutions. Being a member of the West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce opens many doors to this broad network.


Meet like-minded professionals face-to-face or virtually through our popular events. Ranging from Netwalking to Annual Dinners, we have a wide selection of events available to suit your preferences. Whether that be a more casual networking environment or a slightly more formal evening event, the Chamber caters to all and openly welcomes guests to come along and try each style of event to get a taste for what we do.

View our upcoming events on Eventbrite, where you can find more details about each one or view galleries of previous events and check out our socials to stay in the loop with which events are fast approaching and where we have been recently.


Promote and introduce your business to others through our Member Offers scheme, with custom introductory discounts and deals which are sure to attract attention on our Yorkshire Business website. Chamber members can take advantage of these exclusive offers, which are shared with our business community. A great way to put your business at the forefront of the region, whilst creating traction for people to actively use your products or services.


We host exclusive Executive Lunches throughout the year for directors and senior managers to attend. Rubbing shoulders with key influencers and individuals from across our region can lead to exciting opportunities and prospects. Each lunch also features an insightful guest speaker.

Forums & Steering Groups

The Chamber run several specialist groups behind the scenes, connecting sector or subject-specific businesses. These forums & steering groups give people the opportunity to influence decisions made across our region and assist with improving our economy. More than that, they bring together experienced professionals from various industries to combine ideas and thoughts.