Share your experience and challenges with important figures in British economics

Businesses in the region are being offered the chance to share their experiences and challenges with some of the most important figures in British economics.

West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce has been running its Quarterly Economic Survey for more than a decade and, owing to its being shared with British Chamber of Commerce, it remains Britain’s biggest business survey.

Its results are shared with the likes of the Treasury, the Bank of England, West Yorkshire Combined Authority and the nation’s media.

The questions are updated every quarter to reflect current events and the survey itself only takes a few minutes to complete.

Mark Casci, head of policy and representation at West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce, said: “Running a business is a rewarding and often exhilarating experience but it can at times be quite a lonely pursuit.

“Sharing your successes and concerns ensures you do not feel that sense of isolation as we as a Chamber can amplify your views to those who need to hear them.

“The first step towards solving a problem is acknowledging one exists in the first place to do take the time to complete the survey and be part of the conversation.”

To make sure your voice is heard visit:

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