Registered Designs

A registered design is a form of intellectual property protection that covers the visual appearance of a product. This can include the shape, configuration, ornamentation, or pattern applied to an article and essentially protects the aesthetic or design aspects of a product rather than its functional features, which would be protected via a patent. Protection is geographic and can cover individual or multiple countries.

Key features of Registered Designs:

Scope of Protection: A registered design provides exclusive rights to the visual design features specified in the registration. This can include the overall appearance, surface ornamentation, and the shape or configuration of the product.

Registration Process: To obtain protection for a design, an application must be filed with the relevant intellectual property office. The application typically includes representations or drawings of the design. Once registered, the owner has the exclusive right to use, make, sell, and license the design.

Duration of Protection: The duration of protection for a registered design varies by country but is generally limited to a maximum of 25 years. After the protection period expires the design usually enters the public domain.

Novelty and Originality: Like other forms of intellectual property, a design must be novel and original to be eligible for registration. It should not be identical or too similar to existing designs.

Global and Regional Protection: Where appropriate, designers may seek protection for their designs internationally or at a regional level, such as within the European Union.

Enforcement: Owners of registered designs have the right to enforce their exclusive rights. This may involve taking legal action against individuals or entities that infringe on the protected design.

Complementary to Patents: While patents protect the functional aspects of an invention, registered designs focus on the visual appearance. In some cases, a product may be eligible for both patent protection and registered design protection.

Registered designs are valuable for industries where the visual appeal of products plays a significant role, such as fashion, consumer goods, and industrial design. Designers and companies often use registered designs to safeguard their creative efforts and gain a competitive edge in the market.

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The vast majority of images on Google are protected under copyright and the owner can take legal action if their images are used without permission.

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